Sweetheart Necklace Cannot Provide Buff

I was playing Zombies on Legolas#1’s recent map, Snowyville, and the Black Belt was swapped out for Sweetheart Necklace… except Sweetheart Necklace can trap players who purchase it.
This video demonstrates the issue; the only buff I can have activate through taking damage is Sweetheart Necklace, and it’s getting me frozen repeatedly in the clip. This other video is an extension of the first, showing the same Brain Suckler stuck on my head several seconds later. Because I keep getting frozen, I take no actual damage due to how freezing works on the server for the warning message, and because I keep getting frozen, I can’t deal damage, and the Brain Suckler is stuck on my head unless someone else kills it.

Relevant on PC, as mobile currently does not have access to Zombies
Affects Zombies lobbies, I have to test if it affects elsewhere as well
In - game name: [AK] Gunslinger


It’s already fixed. I’m just waiting for Rofle to add it. :+1:


Ah, well that’s certainly comforting to know.