Survival did not reset inventory

I could join once before and it would reset my inventory to the “survival” mode without all the endgame items, but sometimes all of my items stayed in my inventory and I can roam the map, is this a bug?
I don’t want to get Auto banned Because of this.

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Are you on mobile or pc?


I’m playing on pc

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Can you describe the latter part in detail?

Does the map become empty? and are there no players?

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The map does not become empty, I could interact with everything and see players (ik this as the first time it happened I thought my pc might lag so I wait a bit while walking around, then seeing the items not disappearing I just left lol), it happened sometimes, but I left asap Because I’m afraid the system would auto flag me as cheating seeing all my items in the inventory (zenith/solar armor etc)

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It’s probably a bug with the SSC plugin then.

If you really want to play Survival, just trash all the stuff you didn’t get in Survival.

FYI, there’s no autoban for cheated-in items, and all bans regarding this have to be administered manually.


Ohhhh okay, thank you

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