Suplerbz’s /buff Appeal

[Q1] Banned from /buff due to command abuse in PVP

[Q2] At the time, I was not aware since the url wasn’t exactly working. I also thought it would be okay to used since /buff was able to be used.

[Q3] The ban was fair since I should have known that it will give me an unfair advantage and continued despite being warned twice.

[Q4] Back then, I thought about using /buff to gain more of an advantage. Only after being banned was then I realized that doing that would just make me lower than the other players and very selfish. When someone else breaks the rules, I learned how it feels to be at the other end and feeling cheated. As time passes, I grew to love this server and want to try to make others’ experience here more fun. Now I want to make sure that no one breaks the rule so they don’t go through what I went through, no matter how big or small the issue is.