Suggestion for the MNG/Black Belt PvP ban.

I was thinking that maybe if you wear the MNG or black belt in the PvP arena, it shouldn’t take you to your spawn point, but instead should take you to /spawn because I saw people abusing a glitch by putting their spawn point in the PvP arena and putting on MNG, which makes them invinsible, since it keeps teleporting them to their spawn point.

But If they’re doing that can they even attack you?

Yeah they can still attack players while performing this glitch

This exploit is no longer available due to the spawn beds disabling PvP, effectively removing this ‘glitch’. :smiley:

The original intention was to send them to spawn, but it wasn’t implemented properly. So for now the Bed’s have their own region so pvp is not forced (and should be turned off by the anti-dodge plugin).

Just a question, why was Master Ninja Gear banned in PvP? Doesn’t that item just gives you a dash, the ability to climb walls, and a dodge chance? It doesn’t cause lag or destroy blocks like all the other banned items. So I was wondering why it was banned in the first place.

Did you read the thread?