Staff Card

I’m trying to draft an idea for how to allow irregular inactivity from staff members without having to require them go through the system again. If person has applications that have been accepted and therefore has the experience of those staff positions then it can be certain they are eligible for the possessed position again even after inactivity.

The question is: How do you warrant a period of unforeseen inactivity that could last a month or two, without causing attrition to their rank?

The idea
With the hope of using Statistics again, the amount of time played on the server can contribute to the Staff Card. The amount of reports resolved and people banned also count towards the Staff Card. The whole point of it is to evaluate how much you’ve done as a staff member. If the collective points on that card meet a criteria it will be marked with a stamp that says “Inactivity for at least 1 week up to x months is warranted for either purpose or unforeseen absence”. x is debatable at this point. The criteria is based on whether you have fulfilled your purpose and time in your staff rank. Inactivity for under 7 days still requires an official notice and will not be used by the staff card.

Moreover, after the staff card’s inactivity warrant has been used it will require the staff member to earn that mark again. Any staff member that finds themselves not being inactive yet has been issued an inactivity warrant will gain stacked warrants to their staff card. However, it shouldn’t be possible to gain many if any stacks if the system works well enough.

Depending on your position, the amount required to earn the mark will differ. Points will be awarded to cards of staff members who are seen doing well by any managers.

Please note:
This is just a draft idea. Any ideas are welcome to contribute to this discussion as long as they are to do with the question presented.

This sounds like a good idea. But will managers also have staff cards? More or less, how much do you think it will differ depending on ones position?

Tip - I believe the term manager can vary. For example Global ‘manager’ or event ‘manager’. I also believe that a rank as high as manager should be dealt with personally and manually by Rofl.

Rofl- I agree with the fact that this is a good idea but will there be a set amount of points for each piece of good work. For example: Help somebody get Crew rank = 5points or Tell someone how to get items [ie. /register , /login, /i] = 1point?
I do think that the higher ranking you are the more genuine and serious the punishments would be. Moderator inactive for 3 weeks = derank. Admin inactive for 2 weeks = derank. Admin+ inactive for 3-7days = derank?

Non-GM’s will have a 2-day/3-day point allowance for giving out to staff. This will be Managers of Mods or Helpers.

Great idea rofl. :smiley: Wait, so helpers count on this as well?