Spawn Please

Okay, so I’m starting to get bothered by our spawn. Like, really, really bothered by it. I’m going to use this thread to do a number of things, the primary being raising awareness of this so that these can be altered or fixed. I am in no way saying our spawn is bad, nor am I saying we need a new spawn. I am simply expressing my distaste in a few things.

Bro, why are these traps even still here? They are such an annoyance in pvp, remove them for goodness sakes!

Why has nobody even thought about fixing these? Just remove the platforms and flatten the blocks so that when flying you don’t just ram into them! It’s such an inconvenience to smack into these and loose all speed in the midst of a duel. Someone, PLEASE, fix these, for the better of the community.

I’m going to be honest. These were a bad idea to begin with. They cause lag. That’s bad enough. Sure, you can just break them all in the arena to get rid of the yellowy background, but it’s such a pain to do that every single time someone rejoins the server. Especially since there’s like a dozen of them in the boss arena.

At first I really liked the outlined logo. I thought it looked neat and was very clean. Then I realized there were hidden platforms in there or something. Really? Just, why?! There’s only ONE platform that is of ANY use whatsoever, and it’s the one around the chest. All the others do NOTHING but get in the way. It sucks for people trying to hook through spawn, it sucks for people trying to drop down into the item room. They are just getting in the way, slowing us down. They don’t even add aesthetics to the logo either. Just leave it with the black walls, remove the platforms, keep the walls.

This one was also not really an issue until I really took a notice of it. Now, it’s frustrating me far more than any of the others. I’m talking about the ropes. The ropes are such a pain in the ass. They are terribly annoying for people who use featherfall or anything like that to get around spawn. Trying to fly up to the top level for PvP? Nope, gotta slowly climb up the ropes… just gimme a few minutes… I’ll get there eventually… I can see how they would be useful for the upper and lower parts of the hellevator that cuts through spawn, but other than that? No! They are just in the way, again! Sure, they are kinda useful for people without wings, but wings are given to players at spawn. Nobody should be walking around without wings to begin with!

Probably the easiest to defend, is the blue arena. I know that it’s probably still undergoing proper construction, but still. This is ridiculous. The arena has no cover at ALL in the center of the arena, and instead has a tiny bit of cover on the outsides of the arena. Why?! I know it’s supposed to be open, but that’s just a little bit too open for our spawns arenas. Furthermore, what’s with the awkwardly shaped structures on the left?? They are terribly difficult to fly around, and they look awkward as is. Another thing, what’s with the random diamond gemspark wall circles everywhere? And why do they have rainbow blocks next to them?? So far, the only thing this arena has done right is spreading out the amount of honey. That’s basically it. Staff plis fix

One last time, I would just like to say that I am NOT implying that our spawn is bad. It isn’t. Basically, we just have a few flaws here and there that should be fixed as soon as possible. Since Radek built the spawn, I’m going to target him with this next line.
Please, please, PLEASE don’t just build spawn based on what looks good and what works and what doesn’t work and so on. Ask the community what we think, and get the community to help. There are tons of builders whom would be willing to assist in the building/fixing/altering of spawn, and I’m sure you know this.

No offense intended anywhere ;3;


I have to agree on the Rope part and the pvp right arena
The right arena is still needed a very large edition, and the ropes get in the way while going up
But the “Hoik” Upavator is very useful on mirror though, it’s a really nice touch.

I agree with basically everything, except the traps, they make PvP a tad more annoying (if you don’t know how to use them), I quite frankly enjoy luring people to run into them. If you don’t like them, they only do around 30 damage ,and equipping an Ankh Shield/Ankh Charm will cancel the debuff. I really liked the new logo, then I also realized that there’s hidden platforms, it made moving around spawn a nightmare.
Ah, yes, I almost forgot; Those stairs. I always hold down and dash into them, getting stuck at the top ;-;

I flew around spawn a bit earlier today realizing the hidden platforms, they suck, for going down, but for going up, you can actually use them for a boost of speed, and the platform stairs things going on in spawn, it’s not really useful for hover board/vortex booster lovers.

Ok, I’m glad that someone finally used the Forum this way. That’s what it is for. To suggest changes, discuss features, sometimes draw attention to problems etc. If any member has something constructive to tell about the server - especially the Spawn - he’s MORE than welcome to do it. Just as Blanc did here.

Well, I’ll answer in points, as it’s more clear.

1. I already changed the slopes in the left side PvP arena (I never had real problems with it, and no one ever told me that he had something against them)…

2. Disabled Monoliths (as after a short test, the FPS difference was significant, and they were there only due to aesthetic reasons)…

3. And removed hidden platforms from the logotype (I placed them 3 days ago (not few weeks Avery :P) as a test. I knew people will react to it somehow, I was curious how)

4. Ropes in the vertical passages. I see no reason why they should be removed. When you go up, you don’t need to use UP direction button, so you shouldn’t attach to it. When you go down, IF (!) you attach to it, you go as fast as you were falling. They’re placed in common passages, not a PvP or PvE arena, nowhere where movement perfection is very important.

I’d only remove them if an overwhelming majority of the Member would like them to be removed.

5. Right side PvP arena wasn’t build by me. Neither by a PvP player, unfortunately. I never liked it, and always considered it to be badly made. Since the first release, it was modified few times by Rofle and me. But never to the point it would be good enough. My plan was to create a completely new arena, but that was delayed in time, because more important things were requiring attention.

If any of you would like to create a new, good quality right side PvP arena, you’re welcome to do it. Who knows, maybe Blanc & Company’s arena will be adopted somehow in that place :slight_smile:

6. Traps… Personally I don’t have problems with them. If you remember about them remember to avoid them, you should not have problems with them either. As Avery said, they may even give an advantage over others, if you can lure them to ran into them. Let’s see what people think about:

ps. how else the Spawn should be built other than what looks and what works the best?

Well, if my arena were to be adopted as the new right side arena, then the ropes WOULD be a big issue. Featherfall is a very big part in aerial PvP, and holding the up and down arrow keys is a big part of using Featherfall. The Ropes interfere with this. If my arena is too big or something along those lines, I’m willing to create a new aerial arena that’s the same style as spawn, but whether you or anyone else wants to give me the permissions to alter that part of spawn isn’t up to me.

The ropes are outside PvP arena.

Yes, but in order to get better with featherfall, the player often times ends up using it outside of PvP as practice. I do this all the time. The ropes in spawn just get in the way.

Then perhaps the surface of mirror or your work in-progress PvP arena would be a better place for them to practice?
Most people don’t user featherfall, they can practice it away from spawn if they really need to…