Some DTP Inventory Suggustions

I don’t know if this is the right place to put this, but if it isn’t, just close or delete the thread or something. The suggest link on the DTP isn’t working, so this is what I’m using.

I just have some suggestions for items in the inventory. I don’t know exactly what rarity they would be, or at what level you would get them. I guess that would be up to the staff if they add it. Also, sorry if these already exist. I haven’t gotten anything above rarity 3 yet. Here’s the format I’m using, if you want to add your suggestions for items, then you can leave them here if you want.

Type of inventory slot (title, tag, color, or special)
Name of item
Item Description

Okay, so here we go.

The Creative
You’re obviously quite the artist. People from far and wide come to witness your unique work.

Just act normal! You wouldn’t want people to think you’re weird or anything…

The Kitten
Aww, you’re so adorable! So fuzzy and soft and cute…

So I heard people liek you. (Search “Mudkip meme” on Google and you’ll get the reference, if you don’t already.)

The Laughable
People laugh at you, not with you. It breaks your heart.

Lol these are awesome Custom! I have run out of ideas for tags etc :frowning:

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