Shoutbox Problems

I have recently tried posting in the shoutbox but it continues to do things like banananannanannaacxx. I am concerned and i hope to be helpful on informing this problem.

Yes I agree it is doing that to me too.

It does that to prevent people from saying the N-word in shoutbox

All fixed up.

I dunno, I’ve seen a certain person shouting the n word an awful lot in the shoutbox.

Yes, as have I…

No d-railing zues.

What? About the guy who swears at the shoutbox? Yeah, everyone knows him…

Nobody is saying his name…

GiantSteamingPile is his name.


that guy is really annoying he went on my wall and posted a rude comment .-.

He has done that to me as well. Rofl seems to want to keep him around, for whatever reason…

GiantSteamingPile has Cheesinator (use to be xXCheeseXx rank) which makes him unable to be banned on the forums.

The ban feature hasn’t been implemented anyways, so every rank is immune to being banned… Also, it’s not like it’s impossible for him to be banned. Rofl gave that rank to him, and he can sure as hell take it away if he WANTS TO…

People HAVE been banned before (eg. Noxa) on the forums.

And since when was this a staff chat? …lol