There should totally be a shop that doesn’t have a warp and that one must find on their own… and not tell anyone else. Just a suggestion.

Well I was firstly going to separate warps into their own commands, and have them as non-items, but permanently tied to your account. And then as you progress further, you will be given warps to places you may not have discovered yet, which include their own shops and such. Some may also be a static-inventory based shop, where the items it buys is preset. This means however, that “/myhome” or “/sethome” will have to be set as the final, permanent, non-cmd item, for “warp” related things. As this command is essentially a player-tied warping system.


Oh, well that sounds just as exciting haha. I’m very excited for the task feature as well. I hope I’m around to see those happen.

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