//setwall and //set

How the **** do these commands work?

I tried:

//set “obsidian brick” where “honey block”
//set obsidian where honey
//set “obsidian” “honey”
//set obsidian brick" “honey block”

And pretty much every combination of the two. This is driving me crazy!

– CrAzy wYVerN sqAUd CAptAiN

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You have to do //set “obsidian brick” where tile = “honey block”

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Also why you’re on the subject, please make sure to follow this procedure before using world-edit:
set server time to day or very start of night. Then use world edit. If you don’t, the server might save at the same time and crash the server because you’re editing the world at the same time.


That’s a pretty hard command to know breh.

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