Scavenging Zombies : A new Zombies Gamemode

This is a gamemode that is mainly based on survival. Not the survival your thinking of - obtaining loot from mobs and cheste etc., no. Instead, this will be a gamemode that relies on stage of game, randomizers, and how skilled players can be at using and combining different items. This gamemode will not only have the moon lord as a boss, but in fact even more. It will (not really decided yet) have events, surely will have more bosses, less mobs, but a more of a variety of them to barrage you and give more of a challenge. This gamemode is a work in progress. It is up for discussion of all the mechanics and changes.

But here are the basic mechanics:

Variety of Entities

As said, this gamemode will have more of a pack of mobs to choose from. It will have less mobs (Mainly due to lag reasons and basic mob OPness) but much of a more strategic complicated web of mobs. This giant bag of different mobs has not been discussed yet. However - bosses will be in the bag. The bosses will work with the mobs in a sort of strategic way - for example the armored skeletons can lower your defense so more less damaging but faster mobs can be more of a threat. Or with that, ichor stickers to greatly lower defense. And maybe some diabolists or paladins to simply kick of the knockback and be annoying. And events can add in a bit more mobs - however lowered spawn rate of mobs for lag reasons, but this overall is a mess, and is being perfected. Consists of :


The number of mobs that will spawn and what mobs. Currently under discussion

Events and bosses

The spawn rate of event mobs and what mobs from events should be allowed / disallowed, and more boss mechanics and how many bosses spawn each round. Currently under discussion

Equipment and Weapons

In survival, the loot and weapons you get is randomized. By chance. Sometimes there can be some shoe spikes, other times there can be guides to plant fiber. Its all based on luck and stage of game. This is what this gamemode will be about. Based on progression of game, you will get good and bad accessories. Howerver, bad accessories will have better modifier than good accessories, and same with weapons. This equals out the luck, and prevents so called bad games. Consists of :

Accessories, Armor, and Weapons with Modifiers

What items will be spawned, including potions / mounts / wings / grapples, everything. And their modifier if they have one, plus round they should be spawned in. Map creators will decide these items to go in their own map.

Stage of game / Progression

The stage of game will be listed in Tiers. The tiers determines how hard rounds should be, and how good items are that get spawned in rounds. Currently under discussion


What DP and XP will be given. Currently under discussion

What Can You Do To Support This Gamemode?

Spread the idea around! Kinda campaign for this gamemode to be added, and that will result in it being in the list to be a thing.

Reply your ideas! No gamemode can be added without a solidified and definite mechanics, and should in turn have most of the community’s support and creative ideas to be added, to further solidify this as a gamemode waiting to be accepted.

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I think it needs a new name, Zombies’ longer name is Zombies Survival, which might be a bit confusing


hmm true

This was not an intended name, guess we just never thought of a name in the first place, maybe like scavenging zombies or somethin?


This kinda reminds me of risk of rain. I’d have voted for it if I hadn’t reached the voting limit =w=


Also, the definite mechanics such as rounds and spawns will be listed in a new thread.

Anyway, I’m thinking we start with map requirements, and then go on to the rounds. My current idea is there should be space for old ones army if we have it, should we have old ones army? And also sadly no floating islands :frowning: or else all slimes jump off the map.

We also need the maps to have lots of space, for bosses and other stuff.


Angry White Noises


Just use echo blocks Kappa


we need another gamemode its sad seeing multiple pools but only one mode :frowning:


Gun game coming


What gun game?


You shoot people to get a better gun which you use to shoot people to get a better gun and so on.