Rewards for Voting

(Sorry for my bad Engrish. I Asian.)

I just wanted to suggest something to help us rise in the rankings; cause these rankings really do not reflect the real “rank” of the server. It’s one of the most visited servers and one of the best PvP servers that combines the free items and the almost equal PvP elements comparable to that of MyRO (The best Ragnarok PvP Server).

I checked the top servers from the rankings and they give really good stuff to people who vote. Which causes more people to vote and vote more and more each day. Heck the Panther’s server received 41 votes in the first 4 hours after the monthly vote reset. Now, since our server doesn’t implement an in-game currency system that we can buy in-game items with, but instead an online currency for DTP to buy perks and customizations with; I think the voting system should grant us rares and a better EXP system than giving 1/4 of what we need. (Will explain later).

Giving us rare titles, tags, colors, and CMDs gives us the drive to vote more whilst not affecting the in-game DP economy/exchange rate. This system will give us one random block of any Title, Tag, Color, and Special each time we vote. The rarity is increased each consecutive vote per month/or by each vote per month; which encourages users to continually vote and vote each day. I have not yet thought up of an algorithm for this cause I think Rofle would be better of doing it, but if you need my help for it I can help. (Done it before. Majoring in Computer Science and Network Systems Engineering) Also, the EXP gain should be a flat percentage of our EXP bar rather than 1/4 of what we need until our next level up. Because it would take forever if we don’t do anything and just vote (i.e. 1000 EXP needed for next level up, you will be given 250 for the day, the next day, if you didn’t do anything to gain EXP, you will be given 62, then 16, then 4, then 1, then 0.2, and so on)

Also by the current implementation of the EXP rewards, it’s not fair for someone who is almost leveling up and someone who has an empty EXP bar. The second one will gain more EXP% than the first even if they did the exact same thing. It think it would only be fair to give 1/4 or 3/10 of the EXP bar itself per vote.

And since I’ve heard that there will be PvP CMDs and more tags and titles coming, that should give rarities more value and therefore “making rares rarer.” (I hope I’m making sense.)

Does anyone agree with me?

[quote=Barbariccia]random block[/quote]When you say “block” do you mean a group or a single item?

So as I see it, the changes to make are:
[ul][li]Set XP Reward to 1/4 of the XP difference in current level and next level[/li]
[li]Give out Items on top of XP[/li]
I think also that the Rarity suggestion should come with some way of tracking progress. I was thinking of something like the upgrades/xp bar/upgrade points bar, wherein each vote goes towards something more. There are two ways to go:

#1: Each “vote level” from votes will grant you larger rewards for your votes, so 2 instead of 1 item, higher rarity and so on.
#2: Each “vote level” from votes will grant you a choice of a bonus. Such as, more items per vote, more DP per vote, more XP per vote. So each level you get to choose another bonus.

The only problem with both of those is: how far can one go?

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By block I mean a tile in the Inventory. So either a tag, title, color, or a special. Also, I think the best way to go is the 1st path but with increasing rarity but only having 1 tile per vote, which increases by 1 each 10 votes. So after 10 days of voting, you get an extra free block with the same increased rarity, and by the last 2 or 1 day of the month, you get 3 items with the max rarity bar. The rarity/vote counter resets per month like the count resets in the voting server; so there will be a cap and others can also gain mega rares without others being so ahead of them.

ok so:
[ul][li]Initially, each vote rewards one Item (aka tile)[/li]
[li]Every 10 votes, you get +1 Item per vote[/li]
[li]Each x votes raises Minimum Rarity of the Random Item(s)[/li]
[li]Each month everything resets back to the “initial”[/li]
If we are to give out Random Items, are you suggesting that
[ul][li]A: the “Random” be biased by the Rarity (like it is when you level up, and when the shop buys its own items), or[/li]
[li]B: that the item is truly (pseudo) randomly picked? Meaning that firstly a rarity is randomly chosen, then an item (as to not bias it by the fact that higher rarities seem have less items than lower rarities).[/li]
[li]C: There is one defined Rarity which is increased every x votes. You get a random item only from this rarity.[/li][/ul]
In case A, the minimum rarity will be used to increase the chance of being able to get higher rarities, but still with the bias of Rarities, so you still have less chance to get a higher rarity than the lowest. However, case B simply means that you have a higher chance at getting a higher rarity, but the chance is as equal as those rarities left. Case C has no “Rarity Chance”.

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Yep that’s it. I think case C is the best bet. It’s less scattered and you can clearly see the progression. This also encourages people to vote more to get rarer items. It’s also fair for lower leveled players since even level 0 players can get R8+ when he/she votes a lot. The score in which the system bases where to pick the random tile from R1 - RXX should also be directly affected by the number of votes and the number of consecutive votes. Also there should be a rarity bracket of 2 - 3 rarity scores rather than just one single rarity score.

i.e. If you have voted for 10 days, non-consecutively, you can get items from R4 - R5. If you voted for 10 days, consecutively, you can get items from R5 - R7. Which progresses as the player votes more, and caps at the max rarity score you will set.

Also, I think you should add more items available before releasing this feature openly. And try an Alpha test for Donators and Crews, then a Beta for members; just to see if the system works well and doesn’t cause any unforeseen problems.