Returning from an over due *vacation*.

Hey it’s me Eonzz, and I have returned! But to make a somewhat long story short about the reason i havent been on for a couple of weeks longer than i would’ve liked to be is because when I returned from Florida from my vacation, my house was broken in to, the door literally barely hanging on the hinges and my house was raided. Most of my appliances were gone, including my laptop that i game/work/do school work on. So i have bought a somewhat better laptop than the last but i’m still not going to be on as much as i would like to since for the fact my house is still somewhat demolished. I will be doing a literal, “Crap Ton” of over time until i can get my house fixed, and my appliances replaced and a state of the art security system. So for now I am VERy glad to be back! Ill see you guys later.

Welcome back, that raid sucks but i hope you will get it back or you will get some money for the stolen things.

It wont take too long i hope…But none the less it couldnt be helped. I never invested in a security system so that was 50% my fault. But i hope i can get the hang of beign on the server again after so long lol. I dont know what has, or might will change soon enough.
Also kinda hoping i can re-try for the Helper Application.

I think you can, i have never invested in a security system. Its not really needed in germany, but anyways welcome back! :wink:

Thanks ^^

WB Eonzz :smiley: Missed u and it’s sad to hear that u got raided :frowning: Hope u can replace everything

Thanks man, means a lot ^^, but it can be replaced, but again it was my fault for not investing in some type of security system, so i can’t really be all to mad at who raided me.