[Resolved] ZeHackerNamedRiley

Reporting for hacking.
As you can see, he has no debuffs that this developer armor applies.

And again…

He argued with staff.

We gave warnings.

Change the Staff to a gonna-be staff.

I’m not a staff member yet, but he argued with a staff member. At least I believe the person was a staff member…


it does not matter, staff or not. this person is a hacker and modified clients are not allowed. he deserves a ban!

He wouldn’t take off the developer armors, and he would make attempts to trick us into making us think they were giving him de-buffs. The attempts obviously failed because it’s quit easy to realize that the de-buffs went away.

Yes, there is just one problem: There are not enough active moderators to ban him.

Antasma, moderators are not the only ones who ban people. Here are the people that are available to ban this person: Rofle, Legoman, ThePunisher, BoB, Spiralchicken, Zues, Unarmedbox, Connor and Tvolk. (My apologies if I have neglected to add anyone else). Most of these people don’t check the reports. I myself cannot ban this person or take action at the moment because I currently do not have access to a computer that has terraria on it, let alone steam.