[Resolved] YTStevence's Phase Appeal

Im YTStevence. I want to be added back in disscusion because I want to help others. There is much of my friends. I need to know what is going on in Terraria Discussion.Im very sorry about that. I really want to be in again.

Hey you’re not alone buddy. I just can’t afford to waste any time. I really have to study, since these next four months, may as well be the last time I will ever on DG.

Do you know why you were removed?

Yes,i know.
I added Darya then i got removed.Then i made second account and i added myself to Live(Terraria) chat then i got removed.

That’s what happened, not why you were removed.

And why i don’t added back?

Well i don’t think you added enough info. tbh i don’t think mine will be accepted either. Feel free to take a look at mine.

So Fofle why i don’t added back?

You haven’t answered the question I put forward.

Fofle https://dark-gaming.com/thread/ytstevence-s-phase-appeal.2499