[Resolved] Tuxamess

I took many images in rapid succession, maybe too many, but I did it…


To fullscreen, Click on image Right-click on bigger image Click on Copy Image URL Ctrl+V in the URL area Orr… Click on image Click on bigger image

I am going to delete all those after confirmed hacking, I took video evidence if that would be better, I even rendered it already, but I was watching Super Mario World while I recorded it, and I do not know how to deliver that video evidence best.

If you would like to upload a gif and you have a url just type [“img”] url goes here [/“img”] obviously without the quotations. Please only delete it after this is closed, yes it is someone hacking and yes it should be dealt with soon. This is all my opinion. I’d like some others before this is closed. Thanks for the report, Tiln. :slight_smile:

Just refreshing this so people know its here. After all, the guy did just make an application.

Hmm. I think we should deal with this now. I say ban.

I have banned him by his ips. Thank you for the report, this thread is now closed.