[Resolved] The Daily Grief

And today, a part of a castle that I helped to build has been griefed. The owner (Who I dont remember his IGN) should come and see that.


If it’s 10+ blocks then this is a ban. If it’s less then it’s just a warning. As soon as a staff member can get on I’m sure they’ll check it. :smiley:

Consider those are also walls and items

Yes, Punisher. It also takes walls into account. Is any staff member that has a functioning computer willing to come on and check it? XD

that was my bro and me and you both built that i think im sammy

i am aslo to say that i stoped most damage to it by stopinng my little bro and i am talking to thepunisher nowand rebuilding

Connor has also verified it. This topic cab be closed now.