[Resolved] Report OP (working video)

Video evidence from the original’s report wasn’t working. As I could not reply there, I make a new post.

[1] OP
[2] Godmode in PvP
[3] Cheating in PvP
[4] PvP
[5] Few other people
[6] https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5C160nToDx7R3lpQWdpaWhBbTA/view?usp=sharing
[7] Guest
[8] Rami, Mason, Dark IRL and some other

At first it looked like he has extreme lags. But in such case one is still killed eventually. Not in this case. He’s been killing other one by one, often with 0HP. Had a killstreak +20 at the time of writing.

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