[Resolved] Report - Online Player Dante

1 - Online Player Dante

Section 1 Point 5
Use of several profanity words against me

Section 1 Point 7
Impersonation of Administrator Rofle as per the evidence

Section 5 point 1
Modified client as per the evidence

3 - Swearing was directed at me


5 - Guest

6 - Mirror

Technically the person impersonating rofle might not be dante. and your evidence isn’t quite solid that he ACTUALLY has a hack on

the owner of the server made the rules, right? one of the rules is to NOT SWEAR! in the chat evidence, “rofle” said the F word and the N word, followed by the C word. isn’t that enough evidence already? as for the modified client, I agree with andygaming123, because online player dante was just telling the other person about it, not showing him.

That’s all I had to go on. And in Evidence 2, he says “please don’t, I’ll stop” proving that he ISN’T Rofle.
And “Rofle” joined right after Dante left. As for the swearing, I was pre occupied at the time and unable to give it my full attention. I’ll add it now.

Limited swearing is allowed. He however directed profanity against Leon which is a violation. Impersonation. Modified Terraria.


Thanks for the report Leon.