[Resolved] Report - mike.........

[1] Members name: mike…
[2] Report: they are in pvp with either a hack or buildmode on and refused to remove it or leave.
[3] Having buildmode on during pvp is against the rules.
[4] What you were doing when this happened: spectating the pvp area
[5] Effect: everyone in the pvp area
[6] - this image doesn’t show much but they were at full health the whole time

[7] Users Group: member
[8] List of witnesses: Dream3r, GamRedos, Ctc3000
P.S On the 2nd pic he acknowledges and laughs at the fact that he has build mode on and disregards that he has been told by several players to remove buildmode.

Banned him -_-

Wait, you banned him? Or do you mean: ban him?