[Resolved] Report: lean

Member’s name: lean

Rules broken:
#1 Griefing is the removal/addition of blocks to another player’s structure without their permission to do so. Griefing is punishable by no other than a ban and will not expire. Protection is irrelevant in all cases of grief. It is only there to avoid having others break this rule.

Users affected: It affected me, because my build was forever ruined and my feelings were deeply scarred by painful words he left on my build

Evidence: http://imgur.com/a/CGvq5

User’s group: Crew

Dimension: Build

I’d like to explain a bit as to why he might have did this;
I went to PvP and was having some fun until lean came. He instantly became a spectator (presumably because he was afraid to fight me and was waiting for me to leave) and proceeded to tell me: ‘glaive? rlly?’ Now I don’t know if there’s a rule against using a good weapon but clearly lean had some sort of problem with me using the Ghastly Glaive. So I invited him to try and beat me to prove that Ghastly Glaive isn’t worth using. Obviously he lost. So I told him that if he was going to call me out on my choice of weapons but still be unable to beat me, he is probably a grade A idiot (Yes, it was probably the wrong thing to say now that I think of it, and I’m sorry.). Soon after dying to me a couple dozen times, he retreated to become a spectator, then would come back when I became AFK, then run away again after I returned until he left PvP. I thought to myself: ‘Meh, just another ragequit.’ However when I returned to my house later I found that he had dedicated a sort of shrine to me. Honestly, I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry, so I did both. By the time of you reading this, I will have removed the blemish from my build.


If there is Grief, do not “fix” the grief. You need to leave it.


What I removed it already


Then there is no grief. Report closed.