[Resolved] Report - ianstephen21

  1. ianstephen21
  2. In the video below, it is completely obvious that this guy was hacking, he was using some kind of hack that lets him regenerate his health hell a fast, and also let’s him do a crap ton of damage using no armor, and a copper short sword. As you can see as well in the video below, that I hit him a bunch of times using a Legendary Terra Blade but he still didn’t lose any health, which is utterly impossible (let me remind you that he wasn’t wearing any armor once so ever.)
  3. Hacking.
  4. Pvping.
  5. It affected everyone in the pvp arena during that time.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2C2tpVIMBo&feature=youtu.be
  7. Member.
  8. TristanFISH, lSteaml, Zeal, others I forgot.

IGN: Zythics (I’m just saying it so there won’t be any confusion with my name on the forums and my real IGN inside Terraria. To any staff member who reads this and actually responds, Thanks and regards ~Zythx/Zythics.

There’s no need for that much reports.

Thank you for the report, I’m locking the others as well.