[Resolved] Report - ereren

[1] Members name: ereren
[2] Report: They have some form of modded client that allows them to shoot already exploded fireballs that do tons of damage.
[3] Modded client is against the rules.
[4] I was in the middle of pvp when this happened.
[5] Effected: Myself and other members died in 2 shots max.
[6] Evidence:

[7] Users Group: Guest
[8] List of witnesses: #~.:WeBrYaN:.~#

P.S. Sorry it doesn’t look like much but his Inferno Fork was shooting fireballs that were already exploded and they even traveled through walls. Also, his Terra blade was killing everyone in two shots.

P.P.S. The witness says he’s a hacker who hacks hackers and that you guys gave him the OK. I think he original name is that same with symbols but DEATH in it instead.

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I reported him few days ago.

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Oh ok.

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