[Resolved] Report ereren

[1] ereren
[2] God-mode in PvP and few other cheats.
[3] Cheating in PvP is forbidden.
[4] Don’t remember how it started, but I’ve ended up fighting with him waiting to get a clear proof of cheating.
[5] Many people, including CherryPvP, Summy, Scptrx.
[6] Best evidence I have is the video in which he teleports without RoD:

But I also have these:

[7] Guest
[8] Summy, CherryPvP Scptrx.

At first I though he only had extreme lags, but later found out that he has god-mode. It’s not possible to reach 15 kill streak on lags while taking thousands of damage meanwhile. He also used cheated weapons, to shot projectiles at impossible speed, I haven’t catch it on a screenshot or video though.

Summy, CherryPvP and Scptrx can confirm all this.

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