[Resolved] Report Dev User MrVampire

I was asked to do this Report because the one who asked does not know how to report yet so I volunteered if I could just report it for him to make it quick.

Only Screenshot

Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2

Screenshot #3

According to [color=green]Bomby(Ranger)[/color] and [color=blue]SurvivalPerson1.2[/color] His name was MrVampire.

+1 = approve it, but right when I tried to take a shot then he switched back to it’s Beetle armor : /

It doesn’t really show his name. It could be another player with another account wearing developer’s armor. Next time you need to get his name with the char. We can’t ban a guy based on what two players say his name was.

I actually have more screenshots of him with his name. It just won’t upload, something is wrong so i can’t get it.

um i banned him age ago -_-