[Resolved] Report Angel5ds

[1] Angel5ds
[2] Wearing Cenx’s wings even after given multiple warnings
[3] Wearing dev wings without taking damage
[4] I just logged in any Wrath asked me to report them
[5] This didnt effect anyone, but it is still against the rules.

[7] Member
[8] Mainly Wrath 1st deadly sin and other random people who were on at the time

PS - A guest by the name of Red came on asking for reds wings. After I warned Angel not to wear the wings (3 times) he disregarded my warning and offered to give Red the wings he wanted.

to post a proper image, take the links you sent us, and click on the picture again and it should give you some type of link that has cloud in it. Take that link and post it on here. To use the img text type, take the link and put it in between ['img] [/'img] ( without the ’ in between)

Thanks, got it.

Thank you for the report.