[Resolved] Player Report:Ender (PC)

this person named Ender(PC) wouldn’t stop spamming and using caps after countless warnings(like 6 times!) here are the pics http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198074804614/screenshots/ just look at the first 3 pics those are the ones Ender was spamming and using caps

yuck. that’s a lotta caps. and warnings

we warned him more than that I took more if they are needed

To take the other perspective for just a moment, it looks as though he is being annoyed by someone and is trying to get them to stop bothering them. In which case, it is the person annoying them that is in the wrong. Shown by the constant attempts to make them leave, “Get out of my bloody house”. I don’t think that ender is really in the wrong here, that is, from the screenshots you have provided.

I agree STHES, He appeared agitated by someone. He is not purposefully breaking the rules but rather breaking them out of sheer provocation.

I was with him when this had happened. What happened was, Ender had asked Slayer and a few others repeatedly to leave his house. They did move, but not far enough to satisfy Ender. Therefore, he used caps many, many times.

but he was still warned 6 times and I told him I was reporting him if he spammed or caps one more time!!!

Even still, you should hear both sides of the story. If you told them to get away from his house, Ender would most likely stop violating rules and possibly thank you.

I fully agree with the other half of the story, but using caps is violating server policy.

Yeah, I know now.

Well regardless this isn’t too much spam. The new threshold on spamming has changed now (as most have seen) so I doubt spamming would be much an issue.

So end result:
Player not banned and he already knows of this report so he’s not likely to do it again.

oh and - thanks for the report.