[Resolved] Player Report: Weeegeeweegee123

I hate this player’s disrespectful behavior against others. I don’t care if he was admin and I’m glad he was demoted because he is ruining dark-gaming. He made offensive comments on player reports when the report was legit and acceptable.
For example, on Hirochi’s player report…

But wait, there’s more…

Lol this is gone too far. Calling MrSandwich a tattle for reporting a mod client user is unacceptable.

[quote=ThePunisher]Weegee, you shall know that I also
got a problem (one of my greatest) about being respectful for other people right.
That would be your last warning for it since we had enough.[/quote]
Oh well, he had his warnings and he kept offending others. I think he should be banned on the website, but not in the server. If he continues to violate rules, then I will be glad to create another report. Please post/comment. Thanks
Sorry, I didn’t know there was a new player report format…

I don’t think this person would be banned but something does indeed have to change. Weeg if you were on the server more you’d realize that there is a new rule, where anyone with Red’s armor is automatically banned, or reported. So even if they were “not doing anything or harming anyone” it is still against the rules. So instead of interfering with other people’s posts and serious matters, get educated on the new rules, or do not interfere at all because clearly you do not know what is going on and cannot participate fully.

[quote=Weeegeeeweeegeee123]the real questions are: do you have multiple people using your account, are you a bad liar, or do you have memory loss? or do you have a 123 password and some idiot joined with your account? is your password secure?
(someone check ingame this guy’s list of ips that have joined, then make a decision. don’t base your decision off what someone says… :/)[/quote]


It was all kind of unexpected too. Just some random ex staff joins and comments on every report rather rudely.
He’s claiming he’s Canadian, but he’s being far too blunt and rash for a Canadian in my opinion.
Bad day??

Weegee was kept going and messing with people, after I have also warned him.
Being honest, good idea that this guy was demoted (?), the behavior shows it all.
With the say of MrSandwich, I hardly believe that he will have a staff rank.
The rule about Modified Clients isn’t too new so he should’v know about it by now (He was a staff member, right?).

Weegeeweegee123 was a staff member a long time ago. The rule about modified clients didn’t exist then however he has been on the website recently and so he should have at least read the rules.
In my opinion I think that someone should just talk to him about his behaviour and if he continues then said person should take it further.

Punisher already gave him a warning, yet he continued to “harass” others. Carson, Weegee was demoted a longtime ago because of his inactivity. Just like Bvery… (I think)

He was also swearing at people on the server but I lost the screens :confused:

These screenshots so absolutely no evidence of him cussing.

I didn’t say they do, I said he was also cussing at people but my screenshots of that disappeared

[quote=weegeeweegee123]this doesnt even need staff’s attention…somebody close this…[/quote] This is just plain rude! Saying this on Sam’s helper app! I heard enough of his crap!

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Please stop freaking negroposting this thread. it isnt worth it now. we dont need suggestions. everyone who plays minecraft knows what plugins you need. also, nocheat doesnt stop half the hacks out there. auc plugin doesnt “add money”. essentials does.

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Weegeeweegee, not even I know the basic plugin requirements. That was rude. Who says they don’t accept suggestions?

Was that reply right?
More evidence of disrespect.

use [ quote = (user name) ] copy and paste their words [ /quote ]

[quote=weegeeweegee123]you can be Noxa and have 1000 posts about how awesome you are and how other people are stupid racist cunts, or be someone with 100 positive long paragraphs of reason and compliments.
[/quote] More evidence

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you can be Noxa and have 1000 posts about how awesome you are and how other people are stupid racist cunts, or be someone with 100 positive long paragraphs of reason and compliments.

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Why do you have to be negative to what you call stupid racist cunts, as I said before it’s not about the posts that one has but their trustworthiness and responsibility.

learn to read.
“you can be Noxa and have 1000 posts how other people are stupid racist cunts”
i specifically said you can have more posts and be a douchebag or have less posts and be the sweetest person ever.
how is that calling people stupid racist cunts?

By weegee saying what he said to me "learn to read. " insults me a bit i can read but not like most I have been learing english for the past 3 years.

And also on the server we warned him about swearing… he said this about it.

Weegee: What about the owners and higher ranking poeple

KRONOS: they are DIFFERENT… so don’t follow there actions that results making you swear just because they do doesn’t mean you should


KRONOS+Mrsandwich+Renald: stop swearing…
we all said that more than 4 times and to stop cussing.

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omg can you freaking READ? You are an idiot! Not evidence of me being mean, freaking READ THE GODDAMN POST! Had enough of the stupidity!
Read the above post. You can be noxa (old abusing raging kid who was banned, btw, newbies) and post 1000 posts that are negative or post a bunch of good nice posts with meaningful stuff. How am i being rude saying that? Tell me how.
Also, I never cussed at anyone, you are now lying to get me banned. all the other stuff is true, but seriously, i didnt SWEAR AT SOMEONE by saying “shit”. i said “nshit” meaning “and shit”, not “nigger shit”. if you’re confused. btw giving advice about the minecraft thing isnt disrespect. just cuz i said the plugins dont do everything isnt respect. btw sam’s app was bad. deal with it. my comment was nothing worse than raiku saying peoples grammar sucked. okay? its true. like…deal with the truth. i feel like you guys are just like…a team of anti-bullying people…or something…like…if im not swearing at you or hacking or griefing leave me alone…no one has never been insulted before. just casually say yeah, i fucked up, or no, i disagree, heres why. even like…throw an insult back. not that hard. you dont need to complain about it.

“dont you fucking tell me to swear” in caps? i said “i can fucking swear. because other people can swear. swearing is not banned from the server. owners swear. staff swear. deal with it.” please get it right or please provide proof of my so-called caps ragey fit.
and i meant the post above kronos btw in my paragraph above this one ^^^ to the people that cant get it right

awkward nothingness because everyone is wow’d at how daft they were :o

EDIT: Now Format-ified.
[1.] Weegeeweegee123
[2.] Well, there is a lot of things, disrespecting staff, cussing towards people, name-calling, racism, spam and insulting people.
[3.] Racism, spam, cussing towards people, and disrespecting staff are all wrong, and name-calling is just disrespectful, especially when it’s things like cuss-words.
[4.] I believe I was gathering evidence to report someone and making Spooder-Man a giant cupcake.
[5.] This effected many people, for his racism and cussing towards people was offensive to whoever he was cussing at and whoever he offended with his racism.

[7.] List of witnesses. Spooder-Man, Mr.Sandwich, KRONOS, Seraph. This all I can think of ATM.

saying im done with americans is racist? OMG LOLLLLLLLLLL white people calling white people racist for calling some white people stupid. thats wibbly wobbley timey wimey stuff right dere.
btw kronos called me an idiot, whys it matter if i say people are idiots? whats the diff? wheres the proof of me using caps and disobeying you and being a douche? none?
Because it didn’t happen.

I see what you did there.

I imagine since you used to be Admin, you know that Spam is not allowed.

[quote=popstarfreas]# Spam
Spam is not tolerated in the chat. An anti-spam plugin is in-use on the server to control spam while limited moderation is in effect, however, spam is punishable by Ban if the spammer shows no reluctance of future spam. [/quote]

Please include format for this.