[Resolved] Player Report : "VIKINGO"

I’ve asked this player many times to stop violating public chat more than 5 times. As a helper, it is my duty to report this chat violation and help others to achieve their goals. In future, I hope to have the power to freeze and mute people so I don’t need to report players as much. All the evidence in in the link below, and if you have further questions, feel free to Pm me! Thanks for your time!


I support slayer on this. I too asked him to stop numerous amounts of times. I think something should be done.

Yes, I sure think so too!

well what kinda language was that? Slayer i agree with you that was not nice and he violated it 5+ times? well. i will support u 2. i think u were right and i hope he gets in trubble

This has been resolved.

Thanks for the report.