[Resolved] Player Report: Smokey

[1] Members name: Smokey
[2] Report: They were using a modified client in PvP.
[3] Effected People: All who were in PvP at the time.
[4] Evidence

[5] User Group: Guest
[6] Server: PvP

Those images, the text that the “accused” typed clearly show that they were doing so. But, not so sure about the staff if they take photos as evidence, try to record them next time. If I was a staff, I would’ve banned them already.

I have a friend named Smokey ;-; (on steam)
and he used to play Unturned all the time (until his computer got rekt

Off-topic, but why is your sniper rifle Hasty?

Sorry for the delay.

His SR was most likely Hasty for the added speed affect. There’d be no other reason, even if Unreal gives the same effect.