[Resolved] Player Report: Multiple accounts

[1]cooljeremy, mana set, summoner armor, Unknow Hacker <— All one person
[2]They had multiple accounts, and despite me having to warn them to use just one account, they went ahead and used different accounts, as well as mocking me while at it.
[3]No it didn’t affect anyone, but it’s still against the rules to have multiple accounts
[4]Multiple links for proof:
as well as cussing even with warnings:
[5]All accounts were [Member]

Last minute edit: the person called cooljeremy claimed to not have been part of this or at least doesn’t know what I’m talking about.

I know this might not really be a big issue, but i might as well start being responsible on the server. I’ve seen lots of cheaters come and go, yet i’ve never really reported anyone. And so i’ve decided to become more active than before.
(it seems like he’s really trying hard to pretend that he doesn’t know anything, since the crappy grammar seems to match): https://gyazo.com/cc5d118abdb0fff621880b2e7304fea1


He’s still online, so i might be getting more info or i’m being dumb.

I’ve seen this guy online too. He admitted to multiple accs, cussed staff and other things.

So the report is vaild ?