[Resolved] Player Report "Kenta, SergeyPro, red (Dev-patch)

These players are all using reds wing without debuffs, i warned them and told them to leave (they didnt) and they argued with the staff (i dont know if a helper is a staff rank or not).




On the picture with red was another dev-patch user, but i saw him too late and did not take a screenshot of him, im sorry ;__;.
A questions: is there a way to show the pictures inside the thread (means only shows the picture itself, not the url)?

Lel, I just made a report for red but anyway.
To make them an image not just the url you put [ IMG] . [ /IMG]

Ok thanks.

I banned “red” but I am not sure the other ones are Red’s wings…

Sergeypro is using Red’s Wings for sure (colors/shape of the wing, according to the Wiki and
my post)
and same about Kenta.
Thank you for the report, this thread is now closed.

How did you guys ban the other two (not SergeyPro)? “red” and “Kenta” are both non-registered users.