[Resolved] Player Report "just do it BITCH" (offensive name)

this player has an offensive name, i already told him to change his name, i warned him 4 times and after that i gave him 30 seconds to leave the server and change his name. he hasnt left and he hasnt changed his name! pics to prove: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=300339767
(Just do it Bitch!!! is the player with the hallowed armor.)

Only one of those links works for me and that is them joining. Could you tidy and fix them up please?

fixed! :slight_smile:

Banned. And also, I searched his IP address in the logs once I found it, and he later joined as ‘youre a faggot’ and then his previous name again. I saw that he was warned and did not leave until a minute after you asked, so he deserved a ban.