[Resolved] Player Report: Joe Pro

I know this is my 2nd report today but this guy was just spamming for fun. After the 4th warning I decided to make this. Here are the screenshots:





I’m not sure if I needed to add 4 but I did. Sorry if it’s annoying that this is the 2nd time today. :confused:


I saw he kept on spamming all I could see was him spamming

Yes he needs to be punished. He spams so much and tip has proof.

Thanks for bumping this Lego. I hope this will get resolved soon.

i heard people complaining about him when i got on

yes he needs to be gone

I saw that he wouldn’t stop spamming

i saw that nobody likes him i quote
“partay! now joe’s gone we have a party ay my house!!!” sumbuddy say that but me not know who