[Resolved] Player Report: Courtney

They were advertising their server multiple times after I asked/told them not to. I gave them warnings, and told the consequences.
P.S. Sorry for taking 2 of the same pictures. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198123729494/screenshots/

After you said: “Ugh please just cooperate” did she continue? If she did to an extent I would go for a ban. However she did ask if it was breaking the rules.

I told her about breaking the rules, and she continued.

Advertising is always instant ban. Many times I have proven myself that they will do it again even if they know it’s breaking the rules.

Well I suppose Lego can sort it out now since he is a staff member. :smiley:

I will handle this :smiley:

Courtney has been banned via IP.
This Report is now Closed.