[Resolved] part of my Hotel sign and asphalt was griefed

I saw some griefed asphalt blocks close to my house (That was build by Celest, fixed it) and all along the road to my bunker
I saw griefs of asphalt and misplaced ones, including “bad designed stairs” made of asphalt blocks into
General M12’s party-room.


Please give the coordinates with a gps if possible.

I found some more parts that were griefed or were *ed up, like some great road placing ideas that ruins the ability to enter the asphalt track as it always was, and were is the entery? I dont really know…
(Those are all parts of griefed places that blocks were stolen by small amounts, spreads around large part of the server)


Like I said, we need some coordinates.

The pictures were taken all from my hotel (with the glass roofed restaurant until the end of the road towards the right.

5480 east, 624 feet above,
2151 east, 594 above,
1970 east, 594 above,
218 west, 428 above,
2735 west, 372 above,
3543 west, 372 above,
4626 west, 476 above,
5416 west, 604 above,
5804 west, 604 above,
6564 west, 626 above-and all towards west (there are all parts of griefed and misplaced areas, items, blocks)-just go by the road
7303 west, 714 above

Thank you for the report, I will try to get on right after my school ends(2 hours). Maybe another staff will get on and do it, but if they do, they have to remember to close this, so everyone knows they banned them.

They ended up being minor griefs by different people, so I just rolled them back. This thread is now closed.