[Resolved] Need Help With Account

So i registered on the terraria server on my other PC with the name TerrorLlama,I transfered my character on my other pc cuz i bought a new one and when i try to login in the server It says my password is wrong.Please help me.I can prove it if you want.I can still join from my old PC somehow

You’re doing /login “password here” with a character of the same name, on two different PCs, but only one of them works?

Not really.It says my password is wrong and when i type /login only is says smth about a UUID

The UUID would not match as you’re on a different PC.

If you’re logged in on the first one, you can do /password “old password” “new password” to change it.
If you cannot remember your password, just give me a picture of you on your account and I’ll change it for you.

what do you mean of me on my new acc?

We resolved this in-game.

Thread is now locked, as it is no longer needed.

Glad I was able to help!