[Resolved] My user does not exist

When i go into T.I it says your linked ingame user does not exist
and also someone greaved my grave yar but when pun had looked at it it only said that i placed the blocks.

Hmm… Weird… Same thing happened to me
I think the graveyard thing is most likely a mess up of world edit, since there’s on history besides for you placing.

world edit can be used in worlds you don’t own so it could have been done that way… idk what else but those are the main things cos if that is possible it will be hard for the staff to ban those people.

Approved, I certainly looked by /history who was messing with it but only found that KRONOS only was messing with the blocks.

Same with i, it doesnt work

I think T-Inv is acting up

don’t get me wrong i placed them that is all that it said

well the history command

It’s happening to me too