[Resolved] Multiple Accounts. (IzGotAYoy & etc)

[1] Members name(s).

IzGotAYoyo, Vegeta (goku twin), Darkmist Shadow, SoulOfAzriel, StoneySummon

[2] Report: What they were doing wrong, describe in detail or what rule(s) they broke.

They had multiple accounts. He also seemingly mocked me by ending every sentence with “HA”

[3] Did this effect anyone (e.g. they were using their hacks in PvP)?

Having multiple accounts means having different names, and that takes up names for potential players in the future.

[4] Evidence.

[5] Users Group [Guest, Member, Crew, Staff]

All were [Member]

[6] Server: Main/Mirror (if this is a server report)