[Resolved] modded client Mr Dr Professor

Hes been useing speed hacks and damage hacks for a while now. He also says that he doesnt care if he gets banned.
His clothing also changes at unbeleivalbe paces
It’s hard to screenshot him when hes moving so much and constantly covered in confetti but hes also being rude and disrespectful

Yes today he came on and was showing off for a bit but when I warned him he took off. MeSandwich isn’t lying.


I was there and saw his clothing changing rapidly aswell.

I was on the same time as MrSandwich and I have encountered this hacker at least 2 times.

I saw him too. He should be banned

Yep ban me I dont care this server sucks and is SOOOO boring. (Fun to make people mad though)

Hahahahahahah thanks for backing us up “Doc”

I have banned this player, he confessed to griefing more than 30 houses, I saw him grief myself along with XxSlayerxXx, MrSandwich and a few others and he was also hacking.