[Resolved] Maram (Hacks)

[1] Members name.


[2] Report: What they were doing wrong, describe in detail.

Using Hacks (Godmode, and shooting ridiculously fast)

[3] Why what they were doing was inappropriate or against the rules?

Modded Clients aren’t allowed on the server.

[4] What you were doing when this happened.?

Chatting and then Jr!! told me about her.

[5] Did this effect just you or other members as well or what was effected?

It affected a few people because Jr!! said that she killed people in 1 shot.

[6] Evidence.

[7] Users Group [Guest, Member, Crew, Staff]

She was a Member.

[8] List of witnesses. (If any)

Jr!! and I

Extra Info: Also her title even states that she is a hacker and if you take a look at the leaderboards, she is already 5 in the leaderboards.

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Also she mocked me using a death message.

She/he also said that she/he got 5in the leaderboard in one day

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Actually she was also somehow changing my Titles and Colors. She was switching my Titles,Colors and Tags somehow.

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Same as mine She/he ask my profile name and as soon as i she/he knew my hero became overlord.

also She/he said that he would remove my /buildmode for a while.

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