[Resolved] I got banned by no one for no reason.

Im HappyDarkLink. I got baned around 9:15 for “griefing”. I was fighting plantera in the boss arena, breaking the heal sign because plantera was sitting on top of me. I think the server autobanned me because I was breaking the heal sign, and it thought i was griefing. I want to get back on and i like the server, so please unban me.

Use this format: https://dark-gaming.com/thread/ban-appeal-format.10

I was on when he was ban I actually was right beside him when he got ban.
And plantera was not in jungle so Plantera was enradged also Legoman/Chenaley
Banned Him/her So I think He/She should be un-ban.

thanks victor

by the way im a guy

Follow the format please. Also, I tried banning you before for grieving but I was using the command wrong. So I banned you a little late that’s all.

sorry about the format.

but how was i griefing?

It was maybe a week before. You grieved my spike trap(It was taken down).

your spike trap?
oh, i thought it was some random noob who just wanted to kill everyone. sorry about that.
should i fix it?

Sorry about that. It was supposed to be a joke. And no, it is okay. I just don’t want anymore grieves. Remember, we have the history command and can trace whoever broke something and ban them >:D

Also, grieving a noob is bad to :smiley:

so is it all good?

edit: i thought i was helping. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are truly sorry and agree to never grief again, yes.

thank you. i promise there will be no more problems.

Alright, you will be unbanned when the server is back up.


Unbanned. Closed.