[Resolved] "i cheat" using life hacks

  1. Member’s Name
    I cheat
  2. What they were doing wrong, describe in detail.
    They were using life hacks, because I hit the person 4 times with the sniper rifle and they had 100 hp, and each hit my sniper did 400 damage. it said they had 0 hp after I hit them repeatedly, and they did not die.
    3.Why is what they were doing was innapropriate or against the rules?
    Infinite life hacks are against server policy, and result in a immediate ban.
    4.What were you doing when this happened?
    I was PvPing, and then I stumbled upon this hacker.
    5.Did this affect you or other members as well or what was affected?
    It ruins game experience for everyone, because everyone else is probably dying while this person is not dying and getting infinite kills.
  3. Evidence.
  4. Users group

you sure your internet connection is good and he isn’t lagging?
and it’s [ img]www.imagelink.com[ /img]

The User Has Been Banned For Using A Modified Client. Thank You For The Report. The Thread Is Now Closed.