[Resolved] Hacker- EXESonaria

He has hacked to enable commands that are unable for just Members, and hacked to make his attacks super powerful. A couple screenshots of him saying so himself… I apologize for not having the correct format images for the report- I didn’t realize there was one when I took the photos. Soulcatcher was present, as well as Diddy.

EDIT: He then claimed the server as his own, and threatened to ban players who did not turn on PVP. Proof-

You need pictures as a good evidence for a report. Without some proof we have no way to know if that really did happen.
Next time put [.img] "img URL here [./img] (without the periods anyways)
Hope I helped

Player was banned. As long as he said he has hacks and using them then its a fair proof. If he’s lying thrn still, his/her fault.
This topic is now closed , thank you for the report.

ThePunisher you should actually close the thread if you’ve changed the title to ‘[Resolved]’…