[Resolved] GiantSteamingPile HAS to go.

The user “GiantSteamingPile” is spamming all over, using caps, and using profanity and being racist. I know he is “popstarfreas” friend and all, but almost everyone here knows about him and wants him to go. Just so you know, for all the people who think he is a donator, he is not. Don’t believe that. This is a petition to get him out. I did not take screenshots due to I was on the computer at school. If you need screenshots ask “Donuts”. Sorry pop, but no one wants him here besides you, and I’m sorry to admit it. I try to stay calm while he is just calling me “nigga” or other offensive words. Even if he doesn’t get banned, popstarfreas you definitely need to tell him to stop. He thinks he can do anything. It seems he has more power here than all the admins. So if you agree with me, leave a comment below.
Thank You! chenaley

yes i agree he is really rude and spoiled rotten. he goes around doing all that crap and dont get in trouble!

He is a fucking Jew!

Stop it Cartman

uh, ya that’s [i]not[/i] nice at all

I agree. He must be banished from this land.

Wait, so none of you guys know what South Park is? Cartman is one of the main characters of South Park.

a movie? i [i]does[/i] look kinda familiar…

bt no i dnt no wht it is

It’s ok LikeASir, I love South Park! I do agree however I still do not believe Rofl will ban him. Have you seen that he has his own rank? And also, why do you think he’s not a donator? If you donate You get something in exchange so he might have asked for his own rank and/or to be un-banable. This is only my take on why he’s still here.

Zeus told me he is not a donator.

Ok cool, that’s cleared up now. Only thing left is why Rofl won’t ban him.

Rofl is friends with him on something.

Yeah, but just because you’re “friends” with someone doesn’t mean that you can’t ban them.

Well it’s Rofl we’re talking about. Tvolk and Box want him gone. That doesn’t matter as long as Rofl doesn’t want him gone.

Hmmmm, Tvolk/Butt can ban too. Rofl isn’t the only owner, so is Tvolk. I think he’ll get banned soon. The majority want him out.

Rofl’s the founder though.

But Tvolk is the Hoster! :stuck_out_tongue:

Who do you think has more power? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm… Tvolk? Because he could shut down the server in an instant? Idk this is like who would win in a fight with Batman and Superman (Even though Superman would win XD)

Actually batman would win, due to he knows everything about superman. He could just make a fortress out of kryptonite. Also Rofl could do that to(well he should be able to).