[Resolved] Gentleman's Ban appeal

Hello I am Gentleman I have found this server quite amazing but I have been banned so here’s what I should fill in:
[1] Why were you banned? : It said I was hacking, I don’t know what I hacked but I was just pvping. Oh and also I have a crappy internet.
[2] When were you banned? : Just this afternoon. Sun, Jun 29. (I’m from Phils)
[3] How long have you been banned? : 5-10 minutes
[4] Where were you when you was banned? : At the bottom right corner of that arena that’s connected to a hallway. (Go up spawn and right).
[5] Who banned you? If you do not remember their name, then what was their staff rank? : I don’t know the message never said a name or rank.
[6] Do you think your ban was unfair? If so, why? : Yes, I didn’t even use hacks or used dev items.
[7] Why should we unban you? : I don’t use hacks (Terrahax or such). I can be rude sometimes but please forgive me if I am, I am sweet and sour.

So yes that’s about it I only remember seeing Legoman as moderator online (I’m not blaming you).


I did ban you. I saw you having a huge killstreak, so I tp’d with pvp on. I shot at least 30 times with a terra blade(No Lag), and you did not die. I went to rofl about it(he was on), and asked him to use /kill. He used it and nothing happened. Please admit to using hacks, or this appeal will not be accepted.

Really? I didn’t see a kill on me. And that huge killstreak was because I have warding set and Legendary Terra Blade nothing else… I also had lag there so when I logout and log in again I can’t get in and Terraria was saying “Gentleman is already on the server”.


Well… Rofl used /kill on you, lag wouldn’t even prevent that. Also, lag would cause you to die later, not die at all.

But there wasn’t a saying that “Rofl killed Gentleman” I just got banned instantly.


If it doesn’t say that, that means you are hacking. Please be sincere about this.

I really don’t know but I don’t even see the kill… I just see players standing not doing anything, chat lagging and me aimlessly swinging my sword at them without killing them.

Rofl has the proof, so don’t lie please.

Pictures?? Also I die after the lag it’s twisted for me. And I’m not lying >_> I don’t have hacked health, infinity armor stats, unbelievable health regen or godmode. And if I have a hacked Terraria I could’ve entered commands with something like .godmode or something. I would say .login in game if I it ends this.

If you are lying and we catch you hacking again, we will ban you, and not show as much mercy. If we see you get a good killstreak, we will test you. We will be on as different characters and be everywhere. So, please, if you are lying, take the hacks off. We have people everywhere that are willing to make reports. You can not hack without not being noticed. 2nd chance given, let the members have a fun time and get a few kills to. We want the server to be fun, not full of hackers. Thank you. Thread now closed(Unbanned).