[Resolved] electr0de

I took a video of this guy doing massive damage with the S.D.M.G.(about 130 more than what I estimated the maximum damage he could do against me if he had the right armor(which he doesn’t) is).


Looks like sniper rifle to me,with thecright accessories he could do that much damage

No no it is S.D.M.G, if you pause when he shoots it’s obvious.

It’s the S.D.M.G, I also was pvp’ing this guy and he 1-2 hit killed me with it. And anyone who has pvp’ed me or Tiln knows it’s no easy task to kill us.

I say we should ban the guy, any more staff opinions?

I think just go ahead with the ban as it is very obvious that he is hitting way more than he should with the S.D.M.G.

This player has been banned, thank you for the report.