[Resolved] Banned

I am a new player of Dark Gaming i didn’t break any of the rules, I didn’t even get the “link of the ban”. Please unban me cause I Can’t play and have fun.

Follow the ban format: Ban Format

You can join the server and you will get kicked with a message containing your ban link, if you don’t have one, then you can just provide the reason you were banned.

Be sure you put exactly “t.dark-gaming.com” in the ip section
and the port “7777” in the port section. Then click accept to join.
Should look like this:

If the reason that appears is:

Then you are banned. Go to think link in a browser.
“Connecting to”
Then you may be peerblocked. Contact staff on the server discord here: http://discord.gg/ZuNQUdZ
“Checking ip… Complete!”
Try port 7779 or port 7776 alternatively

No one of these works. What’s the url for the discord server?

Added the invite

Ah sorry im blind

This appeal can be ignored, the player in question has been seen in-game

User not listed in ban table, and was able to join. Thread resolved.