[Resolved] Artius, modded client

[1.] Members name.
Artius, recently registered on the server from guest to member.

[2.] Report: What they were doing wrong, describe in detail.
PVP’ing with outrageously fast fire rates on all weapons, including minions, and HP hacks to get essentially free kills. The first thing I noticed was the excess number of pets. (Multiple screenshots of that are included to help ensure that the pets are not from other players.)
Additionally, Artius was changing the projectile IDs from their SDMG. (Making it shoot terra beams, typhoons, etc.)

Artius did not appear to be aware that modded clients are not allowed for unauthorized users, but I did not want to risk warning him/her just for them to make a new character and rejoin under a different name.

[3.] Why what they were doing was inappropriate or against the rules?
Hacking is a direct violation of the rules, especially when it gives the user any advantage over other players.

[4.] What you were doing when this happened?
Walking around spawn, offering a bit of help identifying weapons and on how to use /i with prefixes.

[5.] Did this affect just you or other members as well or what was affected?
I was not personally affected, but many pvp’ers did not stand a chance against Artius’s hacks.

[6.] Evidence.


(I also have a video I could upload, if these screenshots are not enough.)

[7.] List of witnesses. (If any)
No crew or staff members were online at the time. (Most members who weren’t getting killed by Artius thought it was funny…)

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Player is now banned.
Dolphine that shoots sharks doesnt seems egit.
That you for the report.

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