[Resolved] android69 and santaa01345356 ruining survival.

Member name(s): android69, santaa01345356

Rule broken: Hacking

Did this affect anyone: While it is not PVP, Absolutely. They spawned in like 32 stacks of 999 plat coins, Betsy treasure bags, then opened them until they got their inventory full, then just had the loot drop all over the spawn, 999 souls of might, spawned in every golden animal, placed chlorophyte ore all over the world, killed all the NPCs and make custom death messages that just makes me dissapointed in humanity.

I was unable to catch the 999 plat coins or the golden creatures tho…

Dimension: Survival

Time: Well, this happened since morning, so i can’t really tell an exact time
In the first shot, it was at around 10:21am (GMT +2)
Second, around 11:25am (GMT +2)
Third, around 12:43pm (GMT +2)

Both were reported on the discord and banned.